Birth Of A Union

It took four attempts since 1977 to form a professors union at the nation’s largest community college. They said it could not be done. The pundits were wrong.

In 1998 the faculty proudly voted to certify United Faculty as our exclusive professional collective bargaining agent. We have since then successfully negotiated multiple contracts and become the voice of academics at the college.

We boast the highest percent of membership of any higher education union in Florida. UFMDC is a leading union in our state.

We are a member driven, transparent professional union affiliated with the 1.4 million member American Federation of Teachers. We stand committed to all trade unions through our membership in the AFL-CIO and support of the NEA, FEA and Change to Win.

We have 15 respected leaders on the Executive Board. Four of these officers are elected as union wide leaders. Ten other officers are elected as campus vice-presidents.


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